New Paradox Interactive CEO is looking to progress business with mobile games and acquisitions

Mobile games will encompass a large part of the company's strategy.


Paradox Interactive's new CEO Ebba Ljungerud has joined the company with an abundance of new ideas – many of which revolve around mobile development strategies and how to bring the company forward so it can continue to grow despite the many shakeups it's gone through. She's working to focus on progression for the business, according to, and avoiding stagnation, keeping things moving in all the best ways. It looks like she has plenty of ideas, too. 

Ljungerud is taking over this month from Paradox's owner Fredrik Wester, and is looking to make several acquisitions, looking to greatly expand its mobile gaming footprint. In an interview with Reuters, she stated that she's expecting 10% of Paradox game sales coming down the pipeline to come from mobile games by 2020.

While the company already has an impressive user base of over 7 million users and 2 million monthly active users, there's still room to grow. Mobile gaming is a lucrative market to branch out into as well, and Paradox will of course benefit from the stake Chinese mobile gaming giant Tencent owns in the company – 5%, to be exact. Ljungerud has extolled the virtues of Tencent as a partner when it comes to figuring out which games from Paradox will do well in China.

It remains to be seen how the company will benefit from this new direction, but going mobile is always a lucrative decision, especially considering how well Niantic and Epic Games are currently doing fo themselves. 

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