Argentinian game publisher Inca is bringing Latin American games worldwide

There are quite a few projects already coming down the pipeline.


Argentinian games publisher Inca Games is working to bring a wide selection of indie games developed in Latin America to the rest of the world. Having teamed up with Sixth Vowel Studio, the developers behind the role-playing title Element: Space, it's the company's prerogative to help share their experiences with creating games and what they've learned along the way with other studios from the same area and consumer climate. Element: Space is the first game under the Inca Games umbrella, and it'll be coming out later this year.

There are an "additional set of difficulties" that end up getting in the way of Latin American developers when launching their games, according to Inca Games CEO Javier Entelman. "Working on Element: Space we gained an understanding of how to overcome these challenges and now want to share that knowledge with other indies by incubating and publishing their projects,” said Entelman.

Inca Games will offer production assistance, outsourcing, scouting, incubation, funding, and a set of other helpful tools for those looking to push their games, so Latin America can thrive as a hotbed for indie game development. Currently, Inca has three games coming out for 2018 and early 2019, including Element: Space. Shadow Brawlers is a party brawler from Team Guazu, and Gaulicho Games' Tango: The Adventure Game offers a retelling of the story of the Argentine Tango.

“The time for Latin America is now,” said Entelman. “We want to be a beacon that shows the talent and passion of the Latin American video game industry.” Looks like the outfit is well on its way, with drive and ambition like that!

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      I've played a game published under a similar Brazilian governmental tax credit, Toren The positives were the Latin American ( specifically Mayan) touchstones and mythology in the game, which was a take on classic console titles in the Zelda/ICO mold; the negatives the rough combat mechanics and engine-type issues like awkward camera management. I expect these Argentinian games to be similarly unpolished, but the cultural influences and flourishes to be just as interesting and worthwhile.

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