Spider-Man PS4 Exclusive Interview: Game Director Ryan Smith Discusses Side Mission Development

When you swing off the beaten path, there's a lot of work done to make your experience flow well.


Marvel's Spider-Man is swinging onto PS4s and PS4 Pros exclusively on September 7, 2018, and it looks like the plan is to keep the friendly neighborhood arachnid-bitten superhero quite busy. There's an original version of the classic Sinister Six giving Spidey headaches, but it wouldn't be a true Spider-Man experience if players couldn't swing around and get into things off the beaten path.

There's a ton of action going on in the upcoming PS4 exclusive Spider-Man and lots of missions or side-quests to get involved in, but there's a process to getting these things in working order. In this exclusive interview, we speak with Insomniac Games' game director Ryan Smith about how the team gets the flow going. Check out the interview below.

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