Raiders of the Broken Planet Reborn As F2P Game Spacelords

The change lines up with the upcoming fourth campaign from the shooter/brawler.


Indie development studio MercurySteam has been hard at work on the fourth campaign for their shooter/brawler Raiders of the Broken Planet, but is changing things up in a huge way. The campaign, called Council Apocalypse, will finish the game's first story arc within the game and also serve as the fresh launching point with a name change to Spacelords.

The developers want it to be known that Spacelords isn't simply an update to Raiders of the Broken Planet. The changes are so significant that it warrants a rebrand that players will get to experience on August 23, 2018. The original game focused on one specific aspect of the battle for the Broken Planet, but Spacelords covers the full conflict over the mythical substance that all factions want to possess. It's called Aleph and who controls it, will dominate as the ultimate Spacelord.

“When we launched Raiders September last year, we hoped its low price point of 9.99 per campaign- would open it up to a large number of users, but it didn’t work as we planned” commented Enric Álvarez, Spacelords Director, in the press release. “Our vision is to see our game enjoyed by millions of users for years to come and putting all of the game's rich content into their hands for free is the way to realize it. We’ve answered our community and hope this removal of any payment barriers will build our devoted community further."

Missions of the Week are now Missions of the Day, giving players a more frequent rhythm for completing tasks. The hold prices for renting individual missions have been reduced as well. More information on the game can be found on the Spacelords official website and you should stay tuned to Shacknews for more reveals.

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