Arizona's First AR Mural Helps Citizens Register to Vote

A local artist has given potential voters a colorful pair of wings to help incentivize voting. 


How do you get people hyped about voting? You hire an artist to create an awesome-looking mural, of course! Arizona's first augmented reality mural features a set of colorful wings that also lets you register to vote. Painted by Phoenix muralist Laura Lee, it's called "18 in 2018," and it's meant for new voters. It's located at 2nd and Roosevelt streets, and it's attracting folks with its eye-catching design, then helping them decide they should definitely get in on that whole registering to vote thing.

The augmented reality mural lets you bring the wings to life as you download the Shazam app, then use its photo feature to scan the QR code on the wall. You can have a friend take a picture of you with the wings fluttering to life, so you get a portrait or a selfie, depending on what you choose to take, and a button via the app to register to vote. You can do it all at once, and you even get to have some fun while you're at it!

This is a new and fun initiative that should get younger folks talking, which is incredibly important in the climate we currently find ourselves in. Don't miss out on your chance to vote, and make sure you're registered! If you're local in Tucson, make sure you check out this exceedingly cool art project, because it looks like a lot of work and thought was put into it. 

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