Endless Space 2 Supremacy and Endless Legend Inferno Expansions Available For Pre-order

Amplitude teamed up with the team responsible for the Master of Orion reboot in this return to Endless Legend.


Sega acquired Amplitude Studios back in 2016 and the development team has since launched top-tier 4X experience Endless Space 2 and continued to support Endless Legend. Players that snatched up Endless Space 2 at launch have gotta a handful of free updates and a couple bits of DLC for under $10, but it's time to strap in for new major addition to this space strategy game while dedicated Endless Legend players get a new treat as a part of a partnership with NGD Studios. Available to pre-order now individually or in a discounted bundle, the Inferno and Supremacy expansions have been revealed and will be available on August 2, 2018.

Supremacy brings the Hissho faction, a warlike factions focused on expansion and dominating enemies, from the original Endless Space. They earn Keli, or honor, through combat and can use it for special abilities that boost their systems or fleets. The new faction also includes four new heroes and the expansion includes the minor faction Illo, which are machines hell-bent on eliminating lesser species.

All factions get access to a new ship type in this expansion, as well. The Behemoths are gigantic customizable ships that are "remnants of the mysterious Endless era, providing economic or scientific boosts." Each can be customized into Obliterator, Juggernaut, or Citidal specializations and the Hissho faction starts with one in their arsenal. Other factions must earn one through a cooperative quest.

For the Inferno expansion for Endless Legend, Amplitude Studios teamed up with NGD Studios, the team behind the Master of Orion reboot. The new faction is the Kapaku, a species of tiny inventors and tinkerers that rely on powerful to handle their workloads. They've been forced from their volcanic home planet and intend to turn Auriga into a new paradise of ash and fire.

The new expansion introduces a new lava biome to Endless Legend and, while it doesn't supply many food resources, it's flush with industry and science. The Kapaku gain buffs from settling on this new area. New events called Dust Eclipses are also included in this expansion and offers up an opportunity for Dust infusions for whatever faction reaches them first on the map. Here are the pricing details for both expansions:

  • Endless Space 2's "Supremacy" with the discount is available HERE for pre-order for 11.69 € /$ 11.69 / £ 9.89 (-10%)
  • Endless Legend's "Inferno" with the discount is available HERE for pre-order for 11.69 € /$ 11.69 / £ 9.89 (-10%)
  • A bundle of both expansions with the discount is available for pre-order for 20.78 € /$ 20.78 / £ 17.58 (-20%)

Stay tuned to Shacknews for more news updates and potential impressions of these new Endless factions.

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