Microsoft's Xbox Adaptive Controller Packaging is Easy to Open For Gamers With Disabilities

Microsoft is pulling out all the stops with this new controller. 


Microsoft's upcoming Xbox Adaptive Controller is a stroke of genius meant to help making disabled gamers' lives easier. Now, Microsoft has revealed that every aspect of the controller is meant to achieve that goal as well. Not only will the controller be meant for helping gamers with limited mobility enjoy their favorite games, but the packaging will even be easier to deal with.

The packaging includes various access points, hinges, loops, levers, and ribbons to make the experience of opening it and getting it totally unboxed as painless as possible. The exterior of the packaging that it ships in will even feature a special loop that you can peel away to get into the main box, pictured below. The main box features a ribbon that you can pull to reveal a flap that cushions the controller after it's taken out of the box. It's all done in a bid to make the unboxing experience simple and devoid of damage to the controller.

If you'd like to use one of the controllers or know someone who would, pre-orders are open now through, and the controllers will be shipping in September. The base price of the controller is set at $99.99, so it's an affordable investment, sure to make any disabled gamer in your life feel a little more empowered when it comes to their gaming sessions. 

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