Overwatch Patch Notes Introduce Wrecking Ball, Changes for Hanzo and Sombra

The cutest Overwatch hero finally lands. 


Overwatch's latest patch notes were pretty big for fans, introducing the adorable hamster hero Hammond with his official game debut, as well as a few different alterations to heroes like Sombra and Hanzo. After spending some time on the PTR, the intelligent hamster is finally available for everyone to play as on all platforms. The new tank hero is not only powerful, but he's absolutely adorable, too. Now you can wreck the competition with him!

Hammond's primary weapon Quad Cannons offer some formidable machine gun fire, while his Adaptive Shield can bolster his health based on the number of enemies around you. Use Wrecking Ball's Roll ability to roll around the battlefield, and then get from point A to point B with his Grappling Claw, or just try your best to imitate Miley Cyrus's iconic music video. Take to the air to ruin some enemies' days with his Piledriver, and when your Ultimate is charged, unleash a Minefield on unsuspecting players. They won't know what hit them.

Beyond Wrecking Ball's introduction, a new Looking for Group button has been added that lets you queue into the selected game mode once your group becomes full, as well as a button that lets you resist groups in the LFG browser when your group has empty role slots open. Some heroes, like Bastion, Mei, Soldier: 76, Widowmaker, and McCree have received alterations to their damage falloff as well.

Lastly, Hanzo's Storm Arrows ability's frequency has been lowered, so he's a more reasonable opponent. Sombra has also had changes made to her abilities Steal and Translocator. Stealth lasts indefinitely, with its movement speed buff decreased from +70% to +50%. Translocator lasts indefinitely as well, and can now be destroyed, with a smaller radius.

Check out the full patch notes here, and let us know what you think of the changes made to the game this time around.

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