Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands Collides with Rainbow Six Siege in Operation Archangel

Go on the hunt for Caveira. 


If you're a fan of both Ghost Recon Wildlands and Rainbow Six Siege, you've got a very exciting crossover coming up. It just so happens that the games are meeting up for the upcoming Special Operation 2 event, which will include Operators from Rainbow Six Siege. During the update, you'll be able to check out new Siege story missions, character classes, cosmetics, and a ton of other cool stuff. It's set to begin on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on July 24, and it'll be free, to boot.

The new story mission, Operation Archangel, finds the women Valkyrie, Caveira, and Twitch teaming up to fight terrorism around the world as Team Rainbow. Odd name choice, that, but go off. Caveira has turned up missing, and so Valkyrie takes it upon herself to ask a friend to help the team find her. You'll travel all the way across Bolivia to come face to face with Caveira once more.

If you finish the mission before August 14, you'll get Caveira's glove and a customization item that you can equip to perform her signature move from Rainbow Six Siege, which shows off every enemy location around you. You also get the Rainbow Six Gear Pack with this new update, which includes the HK 416 Assault Rifle and the Luison handgun.

Special Operation 2 also comes with two new Toxic and Surgeon classes, two new maps in the form of Factory and Checkpoint, and Observer mode for people who just, well, like to watch. There's also the permadeath mode if you think the vanilla game just isn't hard enough, much like David Draiman thinks about living in the hit Disturbed song "Prayer."

Get out there and jump into the game tomorrow if you want to check all these free goodies out.

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