Techland's Dying Light Team Helped This Volunteer Firefighter Make Some Sweet Merch

When's the last time your favorite developer helped you make a shirt?


Techland's Dying Light is full of some eerie imagery. What would you expect? It's a zombie game. But for one volunteer firefighter, there was a special logo in-game that really resonated with him. Redditor s1ugg0 risks his life all the time as a volunteer firefighter, so when he saw a special logo in-game, he knew he had to make it his and wear it proudly. That's why he decided to reach out to Techland's James Gallagher for help making it a reality.

Gallagher, social media manager at Techland, worked with s1ugg0 on creating a very special template of the artwork culled from the game so that he could have a shirt made emblazoned with the logo. He posted the result to Reddit, and it's a pretty awesome logo, if I do say so myself.

James_Techland, Gallagher's Reddit handle, commented on the thread: "Looking good, sir!When we got your request our art team were just as excited about seeing their logo on a real life firefighter as you were to receive it, so we should be thanking you. You're doing an incredible thing for your community so you should wear it with pride."

As it turns out, s1ugg0 has already worn his new shirt with pride, as he wore it on a call just a day ago:

"Well it got worn to a Carbon Monoxide false alarm call at 2:30am ET this morning. So not exactly glamorous but any call where no one is hurt is a good call," he said. "It stinks like my turnout jacket now. Burned plastic, sweat, and Nomex. No one tells you until after the fire academy just how bad structure fires smell up close."

Awesome news, awesome dev, awesome volunteer. These guys really don't get enough credit.

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