Star-Lord, Madame Hydra, & More Join The Marvel Powers United VR Roster

A couple lesser known Avengers villains bring their powerset to the upcoming VR action game.


The Marvel Powers United VR experience has been getting more robust with the weekly rollout of new characters and battle arenas. The most recent additions tap a couple that have grown and popularity and a couple lesser known characters, a type of mixture that will make this VR game a powerful choice for comic book fans. Star-Lord, Gamora, Madame Hydra, and Scientist Supreme enter the battle and bring a royale palace along with them.

Attilan is one the new battle arenas revealed for Marvel Powers United VR along with Downtown New York. The Attilan Royal Palace can be seen below and, if you're not familiar with its history, it's related to the Inhuman team, led by Blackbolt. Downtown New York has been a staging ground for many of Marvel's biggest conflicts in the books and in the theater, so it makes perfect sense to include it in this VR action game.

Here are the descriptions for the new character additions as well:

  • Star-Lord: A headstrong intergalactic adventurer, Peter Quill was taken from his Earthly home at a young age, growing up in outer space alongside the pirate-like alien Ravagers. As the intrepid Star-Lord, Quill travels the cosmos seeking his fortune. Equipped with a high-tech elemental blaster and a mix-tape of music from home, Star-Lord leads an unlikely, ragtag group of misfits – the Guardians of the Galaxy – in their attempts to do a little good, a little bad, a little of both!
  • Gamora: Orphaned as a child when the rest of her species was annihilated, Gamora Zen-Whoberi was found and raised by the tyrant Thanos, who conditioned her to become an unparalleled warrior. Weary of the merciless acts she was forced to commit in her would-be father’s name, Gamora later broke free of her chains. Teaming up with Star-Lord and his motley crew, “The Most Dangerous Woman in the Galaxy” now seeks to redeem her past crimes, putting her deadly combat skills to use as a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Whether wielding the cosmic blade Godslayer or a sturdy blaster, she is a force of reckoning.
  • Madama Hydra: From the shadows she rose, a sleeper agent to assassin to command of Hydra forces. A master at espionage and excellent strategist, Madame Hydra has eliminated all her adversaries with a skilled hand. Now she has her sights set on the domination of Earth, believing that Hydra and The Masters of Evil will bring true order to the universe.
  • Scientist Supreme: The genius leader of A.I.M., the Scientist Supreme leads attacks on planets for the Masters of Evil. Utilizing A.I.M. technology with the support of ground forces from Hydra, the Kree, and Ultron for the mighty Thanos, she is determined to decimate anyone who stands in their path.

There's still more coming as we get closer to Marvel Powers United VR's exclusive Oculus VR launch on July 26, 2018. Stay tuned to Shacknews for future updates!

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