New WarioWare Gold Footage Breaks Down Its Zany Microgames

You're going to need this game in your life. 


The latest WarioWare Gold trailer is a doozy, and it offers one of the longest looks at the game we've seen so far. The four-minute clip demonstrates just a few of the 300 micrograms that you can look forward to with the hilarious release, and it's dizzying to just watch it all. Unfortunately, it's in Japanese, and Charles Martinet hasn't graced it with his perfect Wario voiceover just yet, but it'll do for now.

In the trailer, Wario discusses the various ways you can play his micrograms, from using the stylus to tilting the system and just about everything in between. The WarioWare series has always been about zaniness and weird games in general, so it's no stretch to think you might be using your stylus to pull Wario's shirt down over his rotund belly. It'd be an honor to do so, right? Some of the micrograms can even be played via the Nintendo 3DS's microphone.

WarioWare Gold is coming to Nintendo 3DS on August 3 in North America, releasing one day earlier in Japan. There's a demo available for European 3DS owners right now, but it looks like western players will still have to wait a while to give it a try. Luckily, we have this hilarious trailer to help tide us over, right? And while we're at it, where is our WarioWare game for the Switch, huh?

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