Bandai Namco's Drum Session, Drum Master, and Drum 'n' Fun Trademarked in Europe

There's one rule for rhythm games: You gotta play 'em all. 


We can always use more rhythm games here in the west. I'll sing that from the highest mountaintop. That's why I'm so excited to see Bandai Namco having potentially trademarked some of the very games I've had my eye on coming over to the west for some time now. It appears that the company recently filed trademarked for "Drum Master," "Drum Session!," and "Drum 'n' Fun," all of which are directly related to the Taiko Drum Master family of games.

The first trademark obviously refers to vanilla Taiko Drum Master, where "Drum Session!" is the subtitle for Taiko Drum Master: Drum Session!, which debuted last year in October in Japan and Southeast Asia. It also got a new drum controller, because we haven't gotten one in North America ever since the game somehow magically made its way to the PlayStation 2. Those were golden days.

Finally, "Drum 'n' Fun" refers to the English subtitle for, we assume, the Nintendo Switch title coming out on July 19 in Japan and Southeast Asia, complete with an English text patch. I'm obviously going to be importing it, but perhaps this all means that I won't have to. Could European versions of the games be coming? Does that mean western versions will be, too?

This is just about all we know for now, but hopefully we'll be coming back soon with good news and new announcements by way of Bandai Namco.

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