Ubisoft Insta-Banning Racist Players from Rainbow Six Siege

Act like you've got some sense. 


Ubisoft has introduced a new system meant to facilitate the bans of players using racist language and slurs in Rainbow Six Siege. From now on, if players are caught using any type of hate speech in the game, it will result in an automatic, instant ban. It's not difficult, then, to make sure you don't get kicked out of the game -- just don't use any objectionable language!

The bans last for 27 minutes, as confirmed to PC Gamer, and will keep players from enjoying any part of the game, whether it's a custom game or Terrorist Hunt. Second and third offenses increase the ban time to 2 hours. After the third strike, there's an investigation launched into the account that may even lead to a permaban, which is all part of Ubisoft's bid to address player toxicity in-game.

Ubisoft's effort to help curb racist language and hate speech seems to be working, though of course it has some players upset because of the instant nature of the bans. A logical fix for this would be to simply refrain from using racist language in the game or during any other time in your daily life, as this isn't really something players abiding by the rules have to worry about.

Ubisoft is still working on additional features to help reduce this kind of behavior in game, including an automated chat filter that will find and replace offensive words.

“Our team is working on the creation of an automated system that will censor text chat in game based on a chat filter list. This will replace words that have been identified as offensive and provide players with a notification that their language was found to be unacceptable. We will also be tracking the number of times players trigger this filter and will take action as necessary for players that are intentionally having a negative impact on other player’s gaming experience,” said Ubisoft in the announcement blog post last April.

While the chat filtering program has yet to be introduced, these latest measures are certainly going a long way to protect players, and it's great to see developers taking a stand on this sort of thing.

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