PSN Down, NP-39225-1 Error Causing PS4 Network Outages

PSN users are reporting downed servers and network outages alongside a string of NP-39225-1 errors.


The PlayStation Network seems to be having some trouble with matchmaking and other online services right now. Many users have been experiencing the PSN NP-39225-1 error which is preventing them from engaging in online play, resulting in more interest in the current PlayStation Network server status. Here's what the NP-39225-1 error means according to Sony and a potential solution that may get players back up and running.

What The NP-39225-1 Error Means

According to a post found in the Help Library over on the PlayStation support website, the NP-39225-1 PS4 Error code correlates to "a problem with the Internet connection on the PS4." There's really no real information other than that — something just isn't working the way it should.

The support webpage advises players to check the current PSN server status over at the PlayStation website, as well as the game server status at the game's website, if available. It also advises owners to double-check their internet connections to the PS4 by heading to Settings, Network, and Test Internet Connection.

There's really not much to go on from there; it's possible that the problem could lie anywhere. However, some players are still online while others are not, so there may be a possible user-end solution that will restore network connectivity.

Potential Fix for PSN NP-39225-1 Error

Some PlayStation 4 users have reported success getting the NP-39225-1 error to resolve with a quick procedure that basically involves logging out and restarting the system. Here's the procedure that was offered via a support post made to the PlayStation Forum:

1.) Head to the system Settings, then to Account Management, and select Sign Out.
2.) Hold the PlayStation button to access the Quick Menu, then select Power, and Log Out of PS4.
3.) Restart the PlayStation 4 system.
4.) On the startup login page, select Options, then select "Log In With Online Status."
5.) Back in the system, head back to Settings, Account Management, and select Sign In.

We can't provide any sort of guarantee that the above process will work, but since it really doesn't involve any drastic measures, it's at least worth a shot. Until then, PS4 owners can at least check on the current PSN server status by heading over to the Network Status page on the PlayStation website.

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