Anime Action-RPG Code Vein's Delay Puts it Back in the Coffin Until 2019

A bloody frustrating delay.


Well, this sucks. Bandai Namco's upcoming Souls-like vampire-themed Code Vein has been delayed from its initial September release to sometime in 2019. The anime vampire mashup (without those that sparkle, natch) is going to be up in the air in terms of a release date, which is disappointing considering it looked quite promising when we first laid eyes on it. Bandai Namco has stated that the reason behind the delay is the fact that, well, it simply needs more time.

Bandai Namco's vice president of marketing and digital, Hervé Hoerdt, stated that the team ended up making the difficult decision to delay in order to "further refine its gameplay in an effort to exceed the expectations fans already have of the title."

"Throughout its pre-release promotion campaign, Code Vein has consistently garnered positive reactions from both media and consumers alike. With this knowledge in-hand, Bandai Namco Inc. has made the decision to dedicate additional time to further develop Code Vein; ensuring the final product delivers on the expectations set amongst media and fans," said the company in an official statement on the matter.

With no new set date in sight, hopefully we'll hear more about when we might be able to expect the game in the coming weeks, especially since there's a lot, it looks like, to enjoy about the vampire-laden adventure. We're going to have to be patient, though, and see what happens with this delay. For Code Vein's sake, it will be avoiding the rush of triple-A titles coming in September, so who knows? This could be a very strategic delay beyond the fact that the game simply needs more polishing. 

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