Twitch Streamer Shroud Allegedly Catches One Month PUBG Ban After Playing With Hacker

Cheaters never prosper. 


Twitch streamer Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek has been under fire after stating he received a one month ban from PUBG after playing with a hacker. The fan favorite personality alleges he received the ban following an incident after Shroud shared a few clips online where he's seen riding in a flying car and shooting a player hiding inside of a building.

Shroud claimed that following the incident, which had folks sharing clips online and talking about his conduct, he was banned for a month from PUBG. Because of his streamer status and the fact that he even has his own content, like Dr DisRespect, in the game, people weren't convinced he'd even be p united for what he had done.

During the stream where he states he was banned, he joins a PUBG match already going, and then he seems to be ejected. He sees placement at 53rd out of 100, as if he just left the game early. He shut the game down and started playing Rainbow Six: Siege instead, addressing the controversy in another stream.

“I was trying to have a good time,” Shroud said of the incident, while on stream. “Obviously, I knew what the fuck I was doing, which wasn’t a great idea. It seemed like a great idea, but it wasn’t a great idea. I’m sorry to those peeps who are real upset with me, with all the, y’know, flying around with the cheater and such." It was a bit of a garbled mess of an apology, but now it appears Shroud may not even have been banned.

Kotaku reports that later on in the evening, Shroud apparently went online and logged in on PUBG, buying ranks via the Sanhok event pass, but didn't play any matches. PUBG Corp. declined to comment on individual player penalties, and did not confirm whether or not Shroud had indeed been banned. It's a weird thing to say you're banned if you actually aren't, so it's not immediately clear what happened here, but there's one thing everyone should take away from the situation: Just don't cheat! Then you won't have to worry about bans or anything like that. That's free advice. 

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