DOOM Eternal Footage Poised to Melt Our Faces at QuakeCon Keynote

The time has come. 


Can't wait to sink your teeth into DOOM Eternal? Neither can we, and it looks like we won't even have to wait that long until that'll become a reality. We're going to get our first real glimpse of DOOM Eternal gameplay at QuakeCon 2018 this year, which is taking place this August. That's only a month away before we can watch the gory massacre of unfortunate demons unfold. Yeah, it's going to be amazing.

On August 10, QuakeCon will stream its keynote, showing off what will no doubt go down as one of the coolest things to have come out of E3 2018. Previously, all we were able to see of DOOM Eternal was the brief clip shown during Bethesda's E3 2018 Showcase. While we knew enough to declare the game a sequel, and that it would indeed include our man the Doom Slayer once more, the clip didn't do much but get us salivating for a longer look. The demons have invaded the living world, and we can't wait to slaughter them all.

All we really know beyond the fact that DOOM Eternal is going to be cooler than it has any right to be is that it will feature more "badass demons," according to creative director Hugo Martin, as well as a "more powerful Doom Slayer" in addition to a sprinkling of surprises. Hopefully, the QuakeCon gameplay reveal will bring us a delicious, heaping helping of carnage, though, because we've been such good girls and boys over the last month waiting for another glimpse at the game. Time to frag the weak and hurdle the dead. 

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