Good Shepherd's Expansion Plan: 'Bigger Investments with Bigger Titles'

There's nowhere to go from here but up. 


Good Shepherd Entertainment already has an abundance of cool-looking titles up its sleeve, but it's aiming for more. Its credits include games like Phantom Doctrine, Semblance, Black Future '88, and Milanoir, to name a few. But the company has its sights set on growing even larger. After beginning life as the platform Gambitious, it pivoted toward expanding the indie gaming market, and it's looking to break into the triple-A indie market, and even work alongside movie IPs.

A lot of work has been required of the company after shifting its focus to the new publishing strategy that's been doing quite well for itself. It's been scaling up in a big way, and it's planning on continuing to do so. That means looking for and focusing n more "high-concept" titles, according to director of corporate development Paul Hanraets, speaking with That means a good portion of the games the company is signing now would fit into higher categories, meeting a "sweet spot" of $600k funding per title, but moving over to above $1 million. The team has even signed one over $3 million recently, which is great news for the publisher.

"At the moment, we're funding titles from the corporation, the investment we make as Good Shepherd," said Hanraets. Then we've got our group of individual investors - that hasn't changed. But we've also got more institutional investors now, bigger investors that invest in our slate... So it's a mix with those new investors that allows us to make bigger investments with bigger titles."

As the company continues to grow and expand in the coming months, it will be intriguing to see what kind of projects are in its future. It's already working with some pretty slick and intriguing titles, and there's lots more ground to cover. We could see Good Shepherd Entertainment growing into something bigger than the team could ever have imagined someday, and it'll be a delight to witness.

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