Pokemon Go Revenues Top $70 Million Each Month, Analyst Estimates

It also crossed $1.8 billion total since launch.


Data analysis entities often reveal some wild estimates and details that are tough to nail down, but sometimes some are so astronomical that the reality is mind-blowing if it even lands in the ballpark. Pokemon Go has turned heads since launch despite a rough start, but a group estimates that the mobile game has brought in $1.8 billion in two years and continues to top $70 million monthly.

Sensor Tower is the team behind this particular data and their revenue breakdown has the US and Japan as all-time leaders in spending, accounting for 34% and 28% respectively. The app store breakdown has Google Play accounting for the largest portion with 58% and Apple's app store bringing in 42%.

The Pokemon Go launch is one that will go down in gaming history and certainly struck a chord with me personally. Even though the going got rough early on, revenues coming in somewhere around $70 million monthly is incredible. It's going tough to replicate that launch, which had so many people around the world out in the streets playing together, but Niantic is following it up with the one intellectual property I think could come close: Harry Potter. Niantic's AR mobile game set in the Harry Potter universe is coming sometime in 2018 and it's sure to be another cash cow. Hopefully, it'll be a lot of fun as well with a solid rollout. Stay tuned to Shacknews for additional updates.

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