The Sims Mobile Rakes In $15 Million in Just Four Months

Of course an app that charges you for everything makes this kind of money. 


The Sims Mobile is rolling in the dough, which isn't surprising given how much it can cost you to complete all the tasks you want to in the game. It's only been out for four months, and it's brought in over $15 million in revenue across both the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store. That's an estimate via data analyst firm Sensor Tower, which has also pegged the game as EA's eighth highest earning mobile game in June on both Android and iOS.

Most of the game's revenue, over half at 59%, comes from the United States, and in fact America is far ahead of its competition, with Great Britain coming in second at 8%. It's clear western gamers love their Sims games, but it's not clear why this one in particular, especially as it's riddled with free-to-play frustrations.

Incidentally, I reviewed The Sims Mobile, and I unfortunately wasn't enamored with its approach to free-to-play game mechanics.

"To be fair, The Sims Mobile isn't approaching the free-to-play genre any differently than other mobile games out there on the market, and I've seen far worse," I wrote in my review. "But to offer a mobile iteration that has even less value than the regular version of the game feels like a nonsensical move. The thing is, it could all be propelled with currency in-game without any option to buy cash with shorter timers (or no timers at all) and it would make a far better experience. As-is, however, as much as I want to see my Sims rise through the ranks, I'm going to have to direct my attention to the console and PC versions to live my virtual life.

But some people must really enjoy it, it seems. Hey, you guys do you.

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