Pokemon Go Second Anniversary Introduces Summer Style Pikachu, Teases Future Celebi Release

You know you want this cool Pikachu. 


Pokemon Go is already celebrating its second anniversary, and it's hard to believe. Time flies when you're out wandering around the world capturing Pokemon. With that in mind, Niantic has something special for players to commemorate the milestone.

Pikachu and Pichu will begin appearing more frequently in-game from tomorrow, July 6, throughout July 31. What's more, a special Summer Style Pikachu will be coming to the game, wearing a special straw hat and sunglasses.

Pikachu enthusiasts can also look for Pikachu Fan Avatar items that'll go up for purchase. Trainers with gold Pikachu Fan medals can purchase all related Pikachu items, including a T-shirt and a pair of ears that match the iconic electric mouse's. If you love Pikachu, there are plenty of reasons to play Pokemon Go right now, that's for sure.

If you're more of a Squirtle person, don't miss out on the special Squirtle Squad version of the Pokemon with the same iconic glasses, coming to the game during the Community Day on July 8.

But there's even more coming to Pokemon Go in the coming months, with Special Research coming for the Mythical Pokemon Celebi on the way. It looks like Celebi will be available globally in the "near future," according to Niantic. There's no date on when we might expect the Pokemon, but Celebi is huge news, so keep your eyes peeled, and we'll keep an eye out for the little guy, too.

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