Microdose VR Interview: An Explosion of Music, Color, and Sound

Relax, and get closer to your inner creative. 


Have you ever thought about using virtual reality for unique, one-of-a-kind creative expressions? Andrew Zucosky met up at Shacknews' Indie Heaven with Andrew "Android" Jones, one of the co-founders and directors of Microdose VR, to discuss Microdose VR and all its potential applications for doing just that.  

"It's a medium and extension for microdosing," Jones said of the program. We focus on your kinetic, athletic intelligence, your spatial intelligence with forms, shapes, and colors, and audio intelligence. Our experiment is if we can create an experience with all three in conjunction with each other."

"We have some levels that are stems of audio in 360 degrees around you with the audio emitted from the geometry. We're seeing people getting immersed in their creative potential."

As you can see in the game footage during the interview, there's an abundance of interesting visuals and ways to interact with each and every one of them in the program. You'll certainly need to make sure you have touch controllers handy to get the most out of it, however.

"When we saw the medium of VR that lets you create any type of experience, we really wanted to simulate a creative one. We've reverse-engineered a flow state to take out all the things that might be a barrier to feeling expressive, and exaggerating all the positive benefits that you get out of the medium."

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