Control Interview: Game Director Mikael Kasurinen Clarifies the World is 'Not a Dream'

The surreal adventure is Remedy's latest project.


Remedy is back with a new project, and we got to learn all about it during E3 2018! Mikael Kasurinen, game director for Control at Remedy Entertainment, spoke with Shacknews about the surreal upcoming game.

"A supernatural power has taken over and has transformed the entire environment and humans within to something else. Now it's your job to take control back," said Kasurinen.

Control is a strange and surreal adventure that takes place in a world that looks very much like a dream, or a nightmare, at the very least. The early gameplay footage shown off during our first glimpse of the game teased a world that could be controlled and shaped via the female protagonist's mind, and it certainly left an impression on us. And although it may feel somewhat dreamlike, it isn't. But it looks like some kind of weird fever hallucination your enemies in-game may wish they could wake up from. 

The game previously went by the coded title P7, and it'll feature a unique sandbox for players to explore, as well as a variety of cool supernatural abilities to upgrade and refine as the game goes on. Heroine Jesse certainly looks to play an interesting role in Control as well.

Control is currently targeting a release next year on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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