New Pool Panic Gameplay Showcases the Bizarre Ways You Can Play With Your Environment

You've never seen a crazier game of pool before.


Are you a big fan of playing pool? Do you typically head to a pool hall to get a few games in? Maybe you have a pool table of your own at home. Do you play with talking, animated cue balls? No? If not, maybe you should consider trying out Pool Panic, then! It's got a zany new trailer rife with colorful sights and sounds as you get to know the weird world of Adult Swim Games' title just a bit better.

The crux of the newest trailer is the "Aim and Shoot" mechanic, because that's what you're doing throughout all the weirdness that comes your way. There are over 100 ridiculous levels filled with some truly madcap shenanigans to deal with. Soccer, mini-golf, winter sports, summer sports, you name it. That's just what they're telling us, too. There's probably scores of other weird stuff we can check out, too.

It certainly seems that, even if you don't like pool, there's plenty for you to do. It's going to be a weird world full of cue balls, apparently.

Pool Party is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC on July 19. It looks like a whole mess of fun, to be honest.

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