Realm Royale Reaches 3 Million Players, Rolls Out Monetization Options

This game is growing at an exponential rate. 


Hi-Rez Studios' popular battle royale title Realm Royale has been raking in the players over the past few weeks, and it looks like it's finally paying off. The game just hit 3 million players, with just 3 weeks' worth of early access play. The fantasy class-based twist on regular battle royale games made its way into Steam's top 4 most-played games during its release week, and has since earned accolades like being Twitch's #1 most viewed game. Now, the game has its sights set on monetization, and who wouldn't?

The game has been completely free, up until now, but based on community feedback, Hi-Rez Studios has introduced the new Alpha Pack, which is available in-game starting today. It includes a Kaleidoscope Mount Skin, an Alpha T-Pose Emote, Alpha Chicken Skin, Alpha Spray, and Alpha Avatar, which reference a bug that occurred in early Alpha versions of the game.

It looks like Realm Royale is going to be working its way into our hearts next, just like PUBG and Fortnite before it, and as such we're going to likely see a whole lot more of this going forward. How much more will player feedback bring? Do people really want to buy things in these types of games? Looks like they do. In any case, Realm Royale is climbing, and climbing fast. This is just the beginning. 

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