Corsair Acquires Streaming Company Elgato Gaming

The streaming hardware will now be sold under the Corsair banner. 


Elgato Gaming has been acquired by Corsair today, which will unite the companies under the Corsair banner. The specifics of the deal were not disclosed at this time, nor was the sum for how much Elgato was purchased.

The deal was announced via Twitter, as Corsair welcomed Elgato to the "Corsair family," though it's not known at this time when rebranding or any changes will end up occurring in the future. Corsair typically makes a variety of different items meant for PC gaming, including PSUs, cooling systems, PCs, memory, and more.

Corsair has also stated that Elgato's connect home business, Elgato Eve, was not actually part of the deal. Thus, it will continue on as an independent entity and will be known henceforth as Eve Systems.

We don't have an abundance of additional details regarding the deal at this time, but we'll be keeping an eye out for possible dates when acquisition-specific happenings take place in the near future. For now, it looks like the future's going to be pretty bright for Corsair after its big purchase today. 

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