How to Get New Vehicles in The Crew 2

Stock up the garage with plenty of cars, boats, and planes with ease.


The Crew 2 has more vehicles in it than you can poke a stick at and unlocking them is critical to improving and winning races. Getting a new vehicle, whether it’s a car, motorbike, plane, or boat, is a simple process in The Crew 2.

How to Get New Vehicles

New vehicles can be purchased at any of the four main racing headquarters around the map. These headquarters focus on various aspects of racing in The Crew 2, whether that’s flying, sailing, or any of the various ground-based racing events that take place across the United States. Finding the four headquarters is as easy as opening the map and looking for the large icons representing that faction:

  • Street Racing HQ – Los Angeles
  • Freestyle HQ – Las Vegas
  • Offroad HQ – Monument Valley, Santa Fe
  • Pro Racing HQ – New York

Each HQ has unique vehicles that can’t be purchased at any other location, so take the time to visit each one.

Another way to fill up the garage with some sweet new rides is to partake in the main story and other events in the world. Sometimes an event will offer a new vehicle as a reward, meaning you won’t need to spend any of your hard earned money buying a car. However, these freebies aren’t going to be anything too fancy, and certainly not any of the high-end cars or planes that will help you blitz the competition.

Ultimately, the best way to get a new vehicle is to simply purchase it, just make sure you know how to earn more money in The Crew 2 if you want to get your hands on some of the luxury vehicles the game has to offer.

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