Daybreak Games Interview: H1Z1's Team 'Cut a Lot of the Fluff' For Console Release

The console version is streamlined in several different ways. 


Terrence Yee, Producer at Daybreak Games on H1Z1, was around to chat with Shacknews during E3 2018 about the game's recent move to console. Unsurprisingly, it's been doing quite well since its release, as Yee discussed during his time at the booth.

"The reception has been humbling and absolutely stupendous for us. At the first 24 hours, we were at a million players. We're up to 9 million at this point. We're the number one download for the month of May for the free-to-play section."

It's likely all in part to the care taken to put the port together. Daybreak wanted to make the appropriate changes to the game rather than creating a simple port for H1Z1 when it came to the console adaptation, as he discussed with us at the E3 2018 booth.

"Let's drill this down to the basic elements of what makes a battle royale," he said of plans to simplify the game for new audiences. "We cut a lot of the fluff. We got rid of crafting, and in addition we got rid of the inventory pane. There's no inventory management to speak of. You use the D-pad to use medical kits and bandages, and to select weapons we went with a radial wheel."

Fan feedback is obviously important to the community, just as much as ensuring players new and old have aspects of the game that feel comfortable to them with the console version. 

"We're always listening, and we're always paying attention to the community," Yee stressed. The introduction of the new item, the EMP grenade, acted as a response to players without vehicles, and since then Daybreak Games has been monitoring feedback to the item. We'll likely see additional changes prompted by player feedback as time wears on. 

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