Dead or Alive 6 Interview: A Renewed Focus on Community Concerns

Team Ninja wants to implement changes based on what the community thinks. 


Emmanuel "Master" Rodriguez, community manager at Team Ninja, was on hand during E3 2018 to chat with Shacknews about Dead or Alive 6, the newest addition to the long-running fighting game. Along with discussing new and returning fighters as well as other cool tidbits in the game, he mentioned that Team Ninja is always listening to its players, especially in terms of feedback.

"With the community, we try to listen to everything they talk about. We like to make sure their concerns are heard by the team, so that way the team knows what to do with that information and hopefully apply it to the game," Rodriguez said.

He also discussed some of the cooler aspects of the game, like some of the mechanics we haven't seen before. Unfortunately, he couldn't discuss the story, saying it was "too early" in the development cycle. 

"One of the main changes will be the 'fatal rush' combos, a very cinematic thing people can do. It's fairly easy to accomplish. There are ways around it as well, but it's very intense."

You can try out Dead or Alive 6 when it releases in early 2019 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

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