Microsoft and Nintendo Team Up to Embrace Minecraft Cross-play in Latest Trailer

Gaming is better when everyone can be involved. 


Following the debacle with PlayStation 4 Fortnite fans being unable to enjoy the game using their Epic Games accounts on Nintendo Switch, it's good to see cross-play done right. Minecraft's new Better Together Update is out today for Nintendo Switch, which lets players on Nintendo's newest console play with Minecraft fans on Windows 10, Xbox One, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. Again, not PlayStation 4, unfortunately.

Nintendo dropped a new and uplifting trailer highlighting how gamers can play together with the new update. This isn't the first time players have been able to jump on this functionality, however. Games like Rocket League, Mantis Burn Racing, and most recently Fortnite have jumped on the bandwagon, obviously, but it's unfortunate that not all the game companies can work together to make their titles accessible for everyone.

Like the trailer very heavily insinuates, it's great when people can play together, and what Nintendo and Microsoft have done here, especially in this clip, is great for everyone. Hopefully we can see more of that attitude going forward, and more cross-play titles coming down the line in the future. We certainly could use more of them, and we'd love to welcome Sony to the party.

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