Microsoft News, Which Relies on AI to Curate Stories, Launches For iOS and Android

Try out news stories hand-picked by AI on for size with Microsoft's news app. 


Microsoft has just released its latest app, a redesigned version of its MSN News app. It's out for both iOS and Android devices, and acts as a rebrand of the old app. It comes with a dark theme, integration with both iOS and Android widgets, and a suite of other tools to help make it more personalized for individual users. Interestingly enough, it's also curated by a mixture of AI and human editors to improve the user experience.

“Our mission for more than two decades has been to keep you informed in an easily accessible, comprehensive, and trustworthy way,” Rob Bennett, editor in chief of Microsoft News, said of the release. “Today, we share the next step in our evolution.”

The app draws news from over 3,000 brand like The Washington post, The Guardian, The New York Times, USA Today, and a variety of other sources to bring you the news. Publishers send the Microsoft news team over 100,000 pieces of content daily, which a machine learning algorithm scans to determine various aspects of, including how popular the article may be. Then, those articles are dissected across 800 different human editors working across the globe, to pair photos with the content.

The result is hopefully a variety of different news clips that you're interested in and want to read, as the days go on. There's no doubt the algorithm can and will continue to improve as well, to hopefully eliminating the need for humans to continue to assist it, but that won't be until far down the line someday. For now, we can enjoy the new app and all it brings with it, and thank machines for helping sort out the good news from the "who cares" stories. 

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