Street Fighter 5 Is Getting New Loot Boxes, Two Years After the Game's Launch

Menat will read you your fortune for new goodies. 


Ready for some new goodies to pick up in Street Fighter 5? On June 25, you can look forward to the addition of loot boxes -- though they won't be going by that name, per se. They're part of a new system called Fighting Chance, and they'll be served up by the sassy fighter named Menat. She's opened a new shop up to help read fortunes, and for 500 Fight Money, you can get a Fantasy Fortune Reading of your own.

Menat's Fantasy Fortune Readings will net you the loot box, with multiple items within it, many of which are exclusive to the Fighting Chance system. There are Battle Goods, which help you out in terms of completing Survival Mode, new colors, classic pieces of art, and rare costumes that you can only get by pulling them from these Fortune Readings. But the good news is, these loot box items are only cosmetic or limited to Survival Mode. They won't be part of the pay-to-win bonanza affecting so many games at this point in time.

You also can't purchase Fight Money, the premium currency you earn in-game, with real cash, so you'll have to grind it out for plenty of "cash" to purchase new boxes with. All those trips you'll be making to Menat for fortunes will pay off, but you'll have to earn your way to visit her before she can read you the various different fortunes you'll pay for.

Loot boxes are certainly an interesting choice for Street Fighter 5, but at least they won't be affecting gameplay the way that they do other games. Are you excited for the limited items they'll come with?

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