Rocket League Details New Rocket Pass Reward System

Two new ways for you to start earning more content in-game. 


Psyonix has been hard at work on adding new and exciting content to Rocket League, from Jurassic World DLC to cosmetic items that we absolutely love. Now, it's spreading its wings even further with a new program that'll bring a ton of new and premium content to the title. The new Rocket Pass program is going to be introduced later this year, introducing a new progressive system that'll let you earn additional content as you play through the program.

The official Rocket League blog has the official announcement, where the Rocket Pass is described as "time-limited" system that gives players several different ways to get more stuff in-game. The goal is to introduce several different Rocket Passes each year, with a set of new content for each pass. They won't take the place of the current progression system, but they will offer additional ways for players to snatch up cool stuff as they play.

There will be two versions of the Rocket Pass, which will be up for grabs when the program launches later this summer: Free and Premium. The Free Rocket Pass will give you rewards that automatically unlock, so everyone will get a shot at new Player Banners, Titles, Decryptors, and Customization Items. Otherwise, you can choose the Premium Rocket Pass, which is about $9.99 or ten Keys. You'll earn additional goodies, including Keys, Player Banners, Car Bodies, and Premium Titles. XP Boosts will also be up for grabs that can multiply any XP earned during your time with the Rocket Pass. They'll be up for grabs for any players on all platforms. You can trade items with other players too, if you fancy doing so.

The Rocket Pass will also let you start earning Pro Tiers with the Premium upgrade, which can get you new Painted or Certified versions of Premium Rocket Pass items unlocked. There will be no duplicated rewards from other Pro Tiers until you complete the full Paint Color and Certification for each Pass as well.

If you're interested in learning more about the Pass, you can check out the official FAQ. In the meantime, try out Rocket League on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch while waiting for a release date for the new phase of Rocket Pass.

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