E3 2018: Interview With The Crew 2 Creative Director Stephane Beley

Ubisoft’s Stephane Beley takes a seat on the Shacknews couch to discuss how the racing sequel attempts to convey the full motorsports experience.


The Crew first arrived on the scene back in late 2014 as part of a trio of big releases from Ubisoft for the holiday season. While it released to less fanfare than Far Cry 4 and Splinter Cell: Blacklist, The Crew offered players an original IP and racing fans a fresh take on open world driving. The team at Ubisoft is now preparing to release The Crew 2 and has expanded the experience in several meaningful ways. During the second day of E3 2018, we had the opportunity to have the game’s creative director, Stephane Beley, on the big brown couch at our booth.

Beley discusses the team’s approach to building the sequel and what kind of vibe they wanted to convey to players. He says that The Crew 2 is a celebration of all types of motorsports, leading to the inclusion of boats and planes to the game world. He also touches on the game’s recording mode that lets players make clips of their best racing moments and how it is tied into the game’s presentation and story mode. The team at Ubisoft also had to take time to completely rework the game map to work with air and water traversal.

Players won’t have long to wait for the chance to get behind the wheel as The Crew 2 will be launching for Xbox One, PS4, and PC on June 29. The game also has a “Motor Edition” that offers multiple bonuses and let’s buyers get a threed day head start on the official release date.

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