E3 2018: Tommy Refenes Talks Derivative Games, Tacos, and Interviews Greg Burke

Potentially our first developer who interviews Greg instead of the other way around. 


Super Meat Boy is an excellent platformer with challenging levels and familiar characters pretty much everyone knows. It's got a sequel right around the corner in the form of Super Meat Boy Forever, but who cares about that? We don't, not when we have an interview with developer Team Meat's Tommy Refenes about derivative games, Angry Birds, tacos, and more. Yes, just like our prior chat with Refenes, we've got some good stuff this time around.

It's only been a short amount of time since we spoke to Refenes, but this time around Greg Burke takes him on and even lets Tommy interview him for a spell.

As far as some sort of release date, we still have no idea as far as when to expect Super Meat Boy Forever. It'll be coming out at some point, we can definitely tell you that. It still exists. 

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