E3 2018: Owlchemy Labs Talks Vacation Simulator Activities, Genre, & Story

Owlchemy Labs is gearing up to launch Vacation Simulator, but fans of Job Simulator can expect several big changes to the formula.


Virtual reality is capable of almost limitless potential when it comes to electronic entertainment, and by far one of the most entertaining games to release for VR platforms is Job Simulator, the tongue-in-cheek title from the crew at Owlchemy labs. The studio's next title Vacation Simulator looks to present a lot of that same sort of fun, and Devin Reimer, chief technology owl for Owlchemy Labs, was on-site at the Shacknews booth at E3 2018 to talk about some of the finer points of the studio's latest virtual experience.

So what's new in Vacation Simulator? Frankly, lots. Reimer stated that Job Simulator's action was confined to a set of different areas with different activities, but Vacation Simulator will allow for much more of an open adventure. There are also loads of new activities, like sand castle building or flipping burgers; new gestures like waving, used to greet various bots around the island; new story elements, including a new character who helps build a bridge between this title and Job Simulator; plus a fine-tuned method of teleportation that should be familiar to players of Rick and Morty VR.

There's still no exact release date set for the game, but VR gamers can expect to dive inside Owlchemy Labs' latest virtual world when Vacation Simulator releases for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PlayStation VR later this year.

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