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E3 2018: Media Molecule's Mark Healey Talks Dreams' Creation Options

We learn more about Media Molecule's upcoming title Dreams straight from Mark Healey himself.


Following up on the immense success of LittleBigPlanet, Media Molecule has been working on an all-new title with a huge variety of different creative possibilities. It's called Dreams, and Shacknews had the chance to sat down for a brief chat with none other than Mark Healey, creative director at Media Molecule, to discuss the latest development progress and new features to land in Dreams.

Dream is sort of an odd experience when compared to the usual types of games that players are used to. Healey describes it as sort of a collection of games, calling it an "ever-expanding universe of games, movies, and music," where users have the tools to make whatever sort of content they like. Those less keen on creating can simply enjoy others' creations; likewise, those less keen on playing can simply create whatever comes to mind.

Like with other Media Molecule releases, Dreams is really about creation and sharing. With regard to the former, there are loads of different creation options, including tools that can form entire game campaigns, build elaborate sets for movies, or just allow players to see what kind of insane creations they can come up with given a set of tools. As for the latter, users will be able to upload and share their creations with the entire world, or just with their close friends.

There's no set release date for Dreams just yet, but the team at Media Molecule does plan to release a public beta sometime later this year. More information on the game can be found over on the official Dreams website.

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