E3 2018: Kevin Allen Talks Latest Razer Gaming Products

Shacknews talks with Razer about the hottest new gaming accessories and peripherals to hit the market.


Gamers have always liked having the latest technology, and accessory manufacturer Razer is all too happy to deliver on that front. Shacknews had a chance to get up with Kevin Allen, senior PR manager for Razer USA, at E3 2018 to learn more abou tthe company's latest devices, including the special edition Dragon Ball FighterZ Panthera arcade fightstick.

We covered the upcoming release of the Dragon Ball FighterZ fightsticks before, but this video is the first time that Shacknews has been able to get its hands on one. As can be seen in the video, the fightstick itself can be opened up so that players can mod the device to their heart's content.

Allen also showed off some other hot Razer products, including the Blade 4K-ready laptop, which steps into the arena sporting a six-core i7 processor as well as a special vapor chamber, which garners a very enthusiastic response from Greg Burke. Of course, there are plenty of other great accessories on offering, including new keyboards, cameras, microphones, speakers, mice, and even an RGB-capable Chroma desk mat for those who want customized lighting on each and every one of their PC components.

The full suite of Razer devices are available for order or pre-order over on the Razer website.

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