E3 2018: Nyko Shrinks the Coin Op Experience With PixelQuest Arcade Kit

Nintendo Switch owners who want to relive the arcade glory days may be interested in the new Labo-inspired Nyko PixelQuest Arcade Kit.


Maybe it's just an 80s or 90s gamer thing, but for a certain subset of the video gaming community, owning a functional arcade — or even a single arcade cabinet — is sort of a dream come true. Unfortunately, tracking down real cabinets is difficult and fairly expensive, and that's to say nothing of the trouble of basic maintenance or even finding space for it. Fortunately, there is a new way to get those old-school arcade vibes, and it's through the new Nyko PixelQuest Retro Arcade Kits.

Shacknews had a chance to sit down with Nyko's Chris Arbogast to discuss the company's latest line of Labo-inspired Nintendo Switch peripherals which allow players to use the Switch console and Joy-Con controllers to create their own small-scale, cardboard-based arcade cabinets.

It's clear to see that the PixelQuest Arcade Kit is awesome. While Nintendo Labo kits do offer a few new ways for players to enjoy the Switch experience, none of them have been as well-suited to general gameplay as the Arcade Kit. Players will no doubt be particularly fond of the Joy-Con joystick peripheral, and moving the shoulder buttons from the top of the controller to the front should help alleviate any concerns fighting game fans might have playing titles like the recently-released Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection on the Switch.

Arcade fans and Switch owners who want to jump in on the Arcade Kit can pre-order one now via Amazon, though it appears that the decorated variant shown in the video isn't yet available for order. Either way, it appears Nyko will be shipping out these PixelQuest Retro Arcade Kits around November of 2018.

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