E3 2018: Lab Zero CEO Talks Indivisible Inspirations, Indiegogo Success

Shacknews got up with Lab Zero for an interview discussing Indivisible's numerous video game inspirations and Indiegogo success.


There's something distinctly old-school about Metroidvania-inspired games. Many of the newer titles in the genre get released with loads of modern touches, yet still seem to keep that retro flair that gives us warm, fuzzy nostalgic feelings. This can definitely be said about Indivisible, the upcoming action RPG from Lab Zero games, a title that apparently pulls inspiration from gaming greats like Metroid and Mega Man X. Shacknews had a chance to speak with Peter Bartholow, CEO of Lab Zero Games, to discuss these inspirations and learn more about the Indiegogo crowdfunding experience.

As far as inspirations go, Bartholow and Lab Zero to have all the right titles in line. Apparently Indivisible draws elements from games like Mega Man X, Metroid, and even tri-Ace's PlayStation classic Valkyrie Profile. Elements from these games crop up all over Indivisible, with direct references to Valkyrie Profile-inspired combat mechanics to how protagonist Ajna's jump pose is directly inspired from Mega Man X.

There's still no set release date for the latest from Lab Zero games, but players can expect Indivisible to release for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC sometime in 2019.

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