Defector VR Interview: Twisted Pixel Discusses Secret Agent Business

Live out your spy thriller fantasies with Twisted Pixels latest VR experience.


Spy action games are serious business, except when they’re not, like in Twisted Pixel’s Defector. This Oculus-exclusive VR experience puts you in the shoes of a world-class secret agent and you must use high-tech tools (or whatever random objects you find lying around) to complete the mission. Twisted Pixel’s Amanda May takes the time to talk with us about the game.

May discusses the silliness in the game, how it wears it’s dumb action movie influences on its sleeve, and navigating the game world in VR. She dives into the relationship with Oculus and what its like to develop a VR game with Oculus in your corner. The development team took all of the feedback they got from their previous title, WIlson’s Heart, to heart (pun intended). Shacknews editor Blake Morse got to play the game earlier this spring and wrote about his experience as a secret agent. Defector will be out on the Oculus Store by the end of this year.

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