E3 2018: Surprise, Devolver Digital's Lootboxcoin Is Actually Real

Who would actually want to buy this thing, though?


Devolver Digital's pre-recorded E3 2018 conference only featured a few meager announcements, but it did bring us the excellent news that Metal Wolf Chaos is coming westward as Metal Wolf Chaos XD. One of these announcements centered around the Lootboxcoin, which was introduced as a wink-wink, nudge-nudge to audience members. 

Okay, you're probably thinking, what's the rub? It's a ruse, right? The introduction of a "Lootboxcoin" certainly seemed like another one of Devolver's jokes, but as it turns out, it's very real. Not only is it real, but you can buy one right now! 

“The officially unofficial Lootboxcoin from Devolver Digital as seen in the Devolver Digital 2018 E3 Press Conference,” the item description on the official website states. “Please note that this coin is 2.5” in diameter and has no actual value and by no means is to be considered cryptocurrency or a currency of any kind. You can’t buy anything with it. In fact, it’s insane for you to really buy it unless you want to prove your loyalty to Fork Parker, Nina Struthers (Chief Synergy Officer), and the Devolver Digital executive board.”

Ready to drop some cash on this baby? Head over here to make one yours. If nothing else, it'll certainly make for a cool conversation piece. The price seems as though it isn't fixed, however, with the cost at the time of writing at $150. It could be part of the joke, but why would you want to spend this much cash ona piece of plastic? Do they even actually exist? Is this real life?

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