E3 2018: MS Cashes in on Skate 4 Hype By Announcing Console Exclusive Skateboard Game Session

Looks like we'll still be waiting for a new entry in the Skate series for a while. 


Microsoft announced that skating game Session would be coming to Xbox One today, jumping on the hype train chugging along with the potential of a Skate 4 release. Well, we didn't get Skate 4, but we did at the very least get a skating game in terms of Session. 

Session is a skating sim game from the Montreal-based Creature Studios, and it's headed to Windows via Steam Early Access and Xbox One by way of Xbox Game preview. Both versions are expected to release on all platforms near the end of 2018, with the finalized version of the game landing in 2019.

It's played with a dual-analog controller, and is widely considered by many to be a spiritual successor to the Skate series, though it's honestly not the Skate 4 reveal so many of us were hoping for during this E3 .

Previously, Session was made available as part of a Kickstarter campaign that ended up being successful in late 2017, rounding up about $80,000 in Canadian money -- play money, just ask our resident Canadian, Bill! Just joking.

We'll have more details on Session as they become available. 

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