Beat Saber Brings Rhythm-Based Slashing to PlayStation VR

Slash at the beat, lose yourself in the music. 


Been drooling over the action-oriented rhythm game Beat Saber, but had no way to play it until now? Got PlayStation VR? You're in for some great news. It's coming to PSVR soon, and you'll get to wield your PS Move controllers like they're red and blue lightsabers as you step into the world of Beat Games' immersive rhythm gaming spectacle. Seriously, have you seen it? It's awesome. 

For the uninitiated, the game tasks you with slashing away at colored cubes as they hurl toward you, pulsing with a thumping electronica beat, and each one has a special arrow to tell you which direction to slash in. When you slash, you build onto the music, and it implements the sound into the song you're currently playing. It's pretty intriguing, and a rhythm game that has fiends like me raring to go to give it a try on PSVR.

Each level features original music created by Los Angeles-based composer Jaroslav Beck for a new and interesting mix each time you play. Unfortunately, you might have to wait a bit to play the game, however, as there's currently no release date planned for the leap to PSVR. We'll keep you posted as we hear more about its release, but in the meantime check out that awesome announcement trailer.

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