The Last Yardbird Challenges - Hitman Sniper Assassin

Complete all the different challenges solo or co-op in the Hitman Sniper Assassin mission The Last Yardbird.


Players who pre-ordered upcoming PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 release Hitman 2 now have access to Hitman Sniper Assassin, the add-on solo and co-op mode that sees agents working their usual deathly magic in a series of puzzle-oriented quests. The first mission is titled The Last Yardbird, and it contains a number of special challenges for players who like to pull off assassinations with a little bit of flair. Keep reading as we break down each of the available challenges in The Last Yardbird as well as some of the easiest methods of completing them.

Hitman Sniper Assassin - The Last Yardbird Challenges

A Head Off the Curve
Objective: Eliminate all targets with headshots.
This one is pretty self explanatory — the player or players simply need to eliminate the three main targets with headshots. Note that this won't be possible in conjunction with other challenges like Got a Light.

An Elabyrinth Plot
Objective: Eliminate Dorian Lang and Doris Lee with the statue in the maze.
An Elabyrinth plot might seem confusing at first because Lang and Lee never seem to approach the maze during the main course of events. Instead, for that to happen, the player will have to shoot the mechanism at the base of the flagpole to raise the flag and trigger an event that will alter their courses. After that, they'll approach the meeting point around the 7:40 mark, giving players the opportunity to shoot the statue and take them both out simultaneously.

A Waltz With Death
Objective: Eliminate seven targets during the bridal waltz.
Players can approach this challenge however they like, using stealthy shots or by spraying lead all over — all they have to do is wait for the bride and groom to start their dance, which occurs during the final minutes of the mission.

Objective: Eliminate all the bodyguards.
There are fifteen total guards in The Last Yardbird, and seven can be removed quickly within the first minute of the mission — players can shoot the guard on the roof, the two guards walking the upper story of the mansion, the guard standing near the bushes by the helipad, the two guards standing by the pool near the entrance to the hedge maze, and the one guard standing by the staircase near the corner of the mansion. Beynd that, one guard will follow Gauillame Maison, one will get out of the car with Dorian Lang, and one will wait for Lee to arrive in the helicopter. The other five can be found either within the hedge maze, by the concert venue, on the second story of the mansion, or patrolling the wedding grounds.

Boom Boom
Objective: Eliminate five targets in explosions within thirty seconds.
This challenge is very tricky, as none of the targets appear to group together near any of the potential explosives. One good way to get a group of four together is to shoot the flagpole to raise the flag; around the nine minute mark, two of the main targets and two bodyguards will cross a heater to the left of the main entrance. Before this happens, lure nearby guards to any other nearby heaters. Once the main targets descend the staircase, shoot it to blow it up, then quickly shoot the heaters near the other distracted guards.

Clean Slate
Objective: Eliminate and hide all targets.
Clean Slate might take a little work, but it isn't exactly difficult. Targets count as being hidden if players can shoot them in such a way that their bodies fall into bushes, water, or over any ledges. Watch the guard's patterns, then take the shot when appropriate to completely remove them from sight.

Got a Light?
Objective: Eliminate the three main targets in the same explosion.
This is probably the most difficult challenge in this mission. We still haven't found a condition where all three main targets are near an exploding object, but keep checking back as we search for something that will bring the three together simultaneously.

Heavy Burden
Objective: Eliminate the three main targets with the same suspended object.
This one is easy. Under normal conditions, with 4:12 remaining on the clock, all three main targets will be on the top floor of the mansion standing under the elaborate chandelier. Shoot the chain to have the chandelier fall and crush all three simultaneously.

Killer Shot
Objective: Eliminate Dorian Lang and Guillame Maison with the loudspeaker outside the art gallery.
The art gallery is the side of the mansion where Maison is hanging out at the start of the mission. Wait until both Maison and Lang are outside the gallery, then shoot the speaker to drop it on top of the both of them.

No Loose Ends
Objective: Eliminate all bodyguards after starting the evacuation.
This is another straightforward challenge. Players will have to start an evacuation through whatever preferred means, then take out all of the bodyguards while the targets are fleeing.

Sleeping with the Fishes
Objective: Eliminate and hide five targets in water.
This one isn't hard, players just need to lead guards to somewhere around water, then shoot them so that their body falls into the water. Three are available right at the start of the game; two are talking together near a heater with one not too far from the water barrel by the mansion.

Smokestack Lightnin'
Objective: Eliminate three targets by electrocution within 30 seconds.
Like with Got a Light, this one will be tricky. Players will have to lure several targets near water sources like sprinklers or faucets, shoot the faucets, then shoot something electronic nearby to shock and kill three separate targets. Fortunately, this can be done near the beginning of the mission: distract the two guards near the helipad by shooting around them to keep them within the helipad, then shoot the two sprinklers near the main walkway just before the helicoper lands. When Lee and the two guards are grouped together, pop the two sprinklers by the main path, then shoot both of the light fixtures to complete the challenge.

Touch and Go
Objective: Eliminate the three main targets while they are escaping.
This one is self-explanatory. Take any shot that will cause everyone to panic and flee, then take out the main targets while everyone is evacuating.

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