Dead or Alive 6 Coming to Consoles and PC With Early 2019 Release Date

High kick with Kasumi and friends next year. 


Bandai Namco and Koei Tecmo have announced a new entry in the long-running fighting game series Dead or Alive 6, and it's currently on its way to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

IGN went live with exclusive coverage of the upcoming fighting game, which will be using a brand new engine with gorgeous new HD visuals and an increased focus on more realistic facial expressions, with 4K aesthetics and improved lighting. This was done in a bid to include augments such as wounds and sweat to appear on each fighter as they get roughed up throughout the matches, and it's visible in the trailer, which is our first glimpse at the game.

A new combo and special attack system called Fatal Rush and Break Gauge will be introduced in this entry for players to check out, with tons of powerful combos and rushes that can be pulled off even if you're not a fighting game pro.

Confirmed returning characters consist of Kasumi, Ryu Hayabusa, Helena, Jann Lee, Zack, and Hayate, though additional fighters have yet to be confirmed. We'll likely see more names added to the roster as we get closer to E3 2018, with additional details releasing in the coming week or so. According to director and producer Toei Shimbori, we can expect both returning favorites and brand new characters.

Right now, Dead or Alive 6 has been confirmed for an early 2019 release, so we should be hearing a lot more about it soon enough. 

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