Capitol Park - Detroit: Become Human

Earn all endings and score a 100 percent completion rating with our guide to the Detroit: Become Human chapter Capitol Park. 


The Detroit: Become Human chapter Capitol Park is among the most dramatic chapters featured in the game. Here players will ultimately have to decide whether they want Markus and his crew to follow an aggressive path or instead send a more peaceful message. Earning a 100 percent completion is relatively straightforward, but players will still have to make multiple runs through the chapter in order to earn all available endings.

Capitol Park: 100 Percent Completion

The bulk of the different choices available within Capitol Park involve the player deciding what sort of message they want to send the world. There are a lot of different decisions to be made in this regard, with given choices ultimately culminating in either an aggressive or pacifist stance.

Mission Start

Action Read "Who Is It?"
Action Read "Android President?"
Choice North saves you
Choice Avoid police car

Reach Store

Action Find truck
Action Ram store
Fail Police alerted
Event Had to flee
Pass Police not alerted
Event (jump to Inside the Store)
Event Out of time
Event Retreat

Secure the Place

Action Block road
Action Deactivate alarm
Pass Hide
Fail Get spotted by drone
Action Jump on drone
Pass Destroy drone
Fail Fall from drone
Event North destroys drone
Event Police car arrives
Choice Run away
Choice Hide and hack radio
Choice Feign kiss
Event Decided to flee

Inside The Store
Action Convert androids and make a statement
Make a Statement

Spread Your Message

Choice Destroy statue
Choice Tag statue
Choice Hack bus stop
Choice Destroy bus stop
Choice Tag benches
Choice Overturn benches
Choice Hack billboards
Choice Turn off billboards
Choice Hack android parking
Choice Destroy android parking
Choice Hack street lights
Choice Turn off street lights
Action Deploy banner
Action Free androids in shop window
Action Overload electric system
Choice Push car
Action Tag cars
Choice Overturn car
Choice Refuse molotov
Choice Accept molotov
Action Burn coffee shop
Action Burn dumpsters
Action Burn cars
Action Burn hotel
Action Burn Cyberlife
Choice Destroy windows
Choice Refuse molotov
Choice Accept molotov
Action Burn coffee shop
Action Burn dumpsters
Action Burn cars
Action Burn hotel
Action Burn Cyberlife
Choice Tag windows
Choice Plant flag
Choice Make a pyre
Action Burn coffee shop
Action Burn dumpsters
Action Burn cars
Action Burn hotel
Action Burn Cyberlife

Event Police patrol arrives
Choice Kill
Choice Spare
Choice Let crowd decide
Event Team return to Jericho

Fail Fail to send a message
Event Markus failed to deliver his message
Pass Send a strong message
Choice Aggressive message
Event Markus led a violent riot
Choice Pacifist message
Event Markus led a peaceful protest

Capitol Park: All Endings

After reaching the store, if players spend too much time dallying around, they'll run out of time and Markus and North will be forced to retreat.

Decided to Flee
In the Secure the Place subsection of this chapter, if the player gets spotted by the drone or jumps onto and subsequently falls from the drone, the police will arrive and both Markus and North will have no choice but to flee.

Had to Flee
If the player decides to ram the store with the truck then winds up drawing the attention of the police, Markus and North will be forced to flee the scene.

Markus Failed to Deliver His Message
Throughout all the different options presented in the Spread Your Message subsection, if Markus fails to send a proper message, this ending will be unlocked, and Markus and North will return to Jericho.

Markus Lead a Violent Riot
This ending will be unlocked if the player chooses to send an aggressive message, resulting in a violent riot in the streets.

Markus Lead a Peaceful Protest
If the player instead chooses to send a pacifist message, no riot will ensue, and no one will die.

With the complex events of Capitol Park now finished, the next step in our coverage concerns itself with the chapter titled Meet Kamski. At this point players are getting close to the game's big finale, so be sure to check out our Detroit: Become Human 100 percent walkthrough and guide to learn more about the different decisions and endings and featured in the game, plus brush up on all of the different actions needed to earn a 100 percent completion rating in each chapter.

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