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Stardock's Patrick Shaw Talks Star Control: Origins' Aliens and Procedurally-Generated Planets

It's a wide universe out there. 


Star Control is back, and it's ready to take over once more. We got the inside scoop about everything it'll offer when it finally pulls into our space station, too. Star Control: Origins producer Patrick Shaw was on hand to discuss the game with us, chatting up a storm about the team's passion for the original games and other facets of the upcoming PC title.

"We looked back to the originals for inspiration, but we wanted to create a new experience. We've put a whole new modern spin on them."

For a bit of Star Control back story, you've received a signal from Triton, a moon of Neptune, and Earth has developed its own ships to explore the Solar System, so the only ship Earth has is sent in to investigate Triton. While there, a race of space slug aliens need your help to repair their ship, and you discover lots of other aliens in the universe are out there waiting to meet you as well.

"Each planet is procedurally generated, and is different within each universe to explore," said Shaw during the interview, which means there should be plenty to see. 

Star Control: Origins is set to release later this year for PC and its PvP closed beta is currently going on now. Be sure to check back at Shacknews for more news regarding the upcoming entry in the Star Control series!

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