How To Dig Up Free Treasure in Microsoft's Sea of Thieves

Ahoy, matey! Check out the latest sweepstakes from Sea of Thieves and Chips Ahoy!


Microsoft is also running a sweepstakes ( through the end of 2018 offering prizes like an Xbox One X, Xbox One wireless controllers and digital copies of Sea of Thieves.

Sea of Thieves blends exploration and combat on land and on sea, as players gather together to serve as crew on board pirate ships and take to the open water to search islands for treasures. The entire game has been designed with emergent storytelling, which means whether you play alone or with friends and attack a fortress guarded by skeletons or retrieve a skull from an undead king, there’s always something new to conquer.

The game offers an endless array of adventures through a trio of Trading Companies. There’s The Gold Hoarders treasure hunts, The Order of the Souls battles against long-dead pirates and The Merchant Allience with their quests involving the capture and shipping of livestock.

Rare continues to expand the online world of Sea of Thieves through new content like The Hungering Deep, which introduces a giant prehistoric shark, the Megalodon, to the world alongside new gameplay mechanics like the speaking trumpet and a flag system. Alongside the new instrument, the drum, players can team up and use these tools to hunt the Meg.

There are also weekly events designed to keep gamers coming back. This summer, Cursed Sails will introduce a new ship type to the game, and Forsaken Shores will unveil a new part of the world. New gameplay mechanics will tie into these free expansions.

To help generate some additional buzz about the game post-launch, Xbox and Chips Ahoy have shipped treasure chests to influencers and video game sites. They come packed with cookies, special Chips Ahoy controllers and custom headphones.

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